Saturday, July 11, 2015

Oh to be free again

After many months in a storage shed only being ridden occasionally, Shirley (the surly) was getting a little anxious, and I will admit my feet were itching too. There was no getting around it, the time had come to ride out into the great unknown again and see what the world is up to.
This time around the adventure is leading us north. Starting in San Francisco, tooling around northern california and heading up to Portland where we will meet up with one of my best buds. From there we will scoot along east towards Yellowstone. Everything after that is going east and south as long as I can. It is all up in the air from Yellowstone, so stay tuned and find out where the winds drive us.

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  1. Trying again to post a comment. My name is Brent. We literally just met at a place in Bozeman MT called the Cannery. I made a small donation to help your cross country trip. I meant to ask if you are heading through Minneapolis, I recommend it (night life is cool, people are warm, and the humidity is down right oppressive...forget that last one). If so, I have people who hold cycling near and dear (living room had 8 bikes in it), and would most likely provide room and board. You can reach me at if you are heading towards Minneapolis. If not, GOOD LUCK!!