Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Real Journey Begins

Today I leave the oakland area. The last few days have been spent with a good friend making pizza and other delicious foods while enjoying a relaxing moment where I wasn't sick. There are moments I have to remind myself this is an adventure and not just a journey. I am feeling stronger and better and ready for whatever the road might bring me.
The ride into oakland was a bit rough with a decent head wind taking Shirley's trailer and making it into a kite. There is only one thing you can do in a headwind and that is keep pedaling, the moment you stop pedaling your bike stops and each time gets harder to start. So you put your head down and turn the crank.
Getting out of San Jose required stopping a couple of times to chat and smoke blunts with folks on the street. It was ridiculous and wonderful, I was stopped multiple times to smoke and by the time I was riding across the bay I felt like I was flying. This might be disconcerting or maybe even offensive to some, but meh I'll admit it I smoke weed with strangers.
From there I preceded north, I got a little lost, but not really as I knew the general direction I needed to go eventually I found myself in familiar territory and kept headin north.
By the time the sun was setting I was still about 10 miles out of oakland and I have to admit I was feeling a bit defeated. My friend offered to pick me up and I took the offer, especially because he lives up a pretty decent hill that may have just killed me by the time I got to it. It was also a sunset worth stopping and enjoying. There are moments we just have to stop and watch in awe as the sky gets painted by the sun and I have never been one to pass on a good sunset. We bought a six pack and preceded to get drunk, which didn't take much for me at that point. The next day I was happy to sleep in, after the head wind my body was feeling stiff and sore. My friend and I got breakfast and toured around the Berkley hills for a bit. Later that night I made us pizza from scratch, first time making a dough without a recipe. It turned out pretty damn good I have to say. I had planned on leaving the next day but ended up kickin around too much and eventually decided it'd be best to take one more day of ease and relaxation. My friend and I did a bit of art, took a walk through a creepy old cemetery and tooled around his area of Berkeley.
 Today I am on my way north again. Back to pedaling down the open road. I have stopped at a little cafe just before getting out of oakland, from here I head north up towards Napa Valley then north east from there up to Leggett California, home of the drive through tree where my father and I spent his 50th birthday 13 years and a couple of days ago. I am excited to get into the redwoods, weather looks just fine, if not a bit warm which I will take, rather be warm than too cold right now as I know I will have plenty of cold days ahead of me. This should take me a few days so it may be a minute until I post again, but I will try and get a post in between here and Leggett.

This is a short post but I figured I should keep up with posting to keep in the habit of it. I hope all of your days are amazing blessings, love and always alohas.

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