Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sometimes you just have one of those days.

Today was a day I should have stayed in bed... It started with me waking up still hacking up green goo from my lungs. Ah no worry I thought I'll get it all out on the ride, so I loaded up miss Shirley and away we went. The first part of the ride is an uphill climb over a mountain to drop into the valley below where Oakland rests. I figured if I got over the mountains the rest of the day would be easy. So I pushed myself up the mountain. I peddled and peddled, huffed and puffed, hacked all the nasties out of my throat and then peddled some more.
I was feeling good though, while I wasn't moving fast I was definitely movin and while it was a bitch, it was making me feel better with each turn of the crank. Shirley was appreciating her little helper too, it makes for a bit different of a ride but she appreciated not having the weight all resting on her. So everything was going well, slow and tough but well. Half way up the mountain I hear a faint call "You the man!" I called back thank you, I will admit the encouragement helped and I found the ability to push harder. Then finally I crested the top of the mountain and I felt the strain in my legs ease. The breeze blew and a chill went down my spine. Ah sweet success I thought out loud to myself. Suddenly the road ended. I was baffled, what the hell? I had looked at my route and was certain I had followed it right... I hadn't. It turns out I missed a turn at the base of the mountain I had just climbed and followed the wrong road up.
To be fair the road I was looking for was not well marked, and looked more like a private driveway than a road. None the less there was only one thing I could do... but first a a bowl was in order. I parked my bike loaded up a bowl and sat back admiring my view. I was a nice view and since I had made the ride just for the view at this point I figured I might as well take it in as much as possible. Then a guy in a car drove up, hopped out of his car right in front of me and began peeing. No attempt to hide himself or anything, and it is not like he did not see me. No I rather think he was enjoying his exhibitionist moment. With my moment ruined I hopped on my bike and headed back down the hill.
The ride down was so lovely, I took my time, let the cool air rush over me and thought about the fact that at the bottom of this mountain is the right road over the mountain. I was starting to question my day entirely and by the time I finally made it down to the turn off, which I still almost missed, but only because I was caught up in the moment, I turned and began back up the hill. At this point I was mostly down the mountain I had just spent half of my day riding up and the road I was supposed to be on started off with a real nice climb. My legs decided it was a nope moment. So I decided to say fuck the day turned around and headed down the mountain and back to the beach. It was a solid decision. while riding down a small heard of deer joined me for a second, I saw a red tail hawk and picked some delicious blackberries. When I finally made it to the beach I stripped down and dove straight into the cold waters of the pacific. Sweet relief.
I am back at my friends now drinking a beer and thinking about the debacle of the day. Trying to focus on the positives... One being the trailer worked out great, holds all my shit well and moves along with ease. Other positives are at least I got the work out, and became comfortable riding with the trailer. I mean it is all an adventure and sometimes we have to have those days where we make some pretty silly mistakes. At least it was a beautiful day and a beautiful ride. I hope all of your days were just as magnificent, and hopefully not as trying!

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